Win a Fortune with these real money online slot games

Fortune, a.k.a. luck, is the single most important factor in a good run on the slots – so it’s a natural theme for casino games, particularly for literal games of chance (or fortune). Add in the fact that China-themed slots gams are all the rage, pepper it with the importance of the entire concept of “fortune” (幸運)in Chinese culture and you’ve got one fat catalogue of slot machine games. Fortune.Games invites players to enjoy the range of fortune-themed slots we host right here. Whether playing for real money or for free (details on how to get started in each mode below), we wish you good fortune.

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Themes within a theme: Subgenres of Fortune slots

fortune slots for real money wins and no downloadThough the majority of fortune-themed games are distinctly China-flavored, the universality of the fortune/luck concept allows for other cultural iconography to get the fortune slots treatment as well. With the image of the gypsy fortune teller firmly set deeply in the collective subconscious of European cultures, this Romani lady stars in many a fortune-themed slots game.

Meanwhile, Las Vegas is one of the United States’ great cities and the Western world’s adult playground – and all of the glittering decadence of this perpetual entertainment boomtown is well-represented in slots games such as (what else?) Vegas Fortune.

Beyond these and just off the top of our heads, fortune visits lands of past and present ruled over by Spartans, Vikings, Romans and Ancient Egyptians.

And again, due to the universality of the fortune/luck theme – not to mention its inherent flexibility – totems of luck are either paired with or represented by the likes of cats, fish (usually koi fish), lions, pandas, monkeys and more from the Earth’s menagerie. What’s your lucky symbol, spirit animal or fortune totem? Odds are there’s a fortune slot game for you!

Fortune slots: Strategy and luck

This is a good spot to remind players that no strategy for slots games exists. These games are purely games of chance and must be treated as such. Any strategies or “systems” purveyed online are 100% pure nonsense, and we caution readers not to fall for any such scam. In addition, we urge our players to enjoy slots responsibly; “throwing good money after bad” can lead to the downward spiral of debt. Have fun, but don’t overdo.

How to play fortune slots for free or real money

To play any slots games posted here on Fortune.Games, choose a game, click on it and a game window will open. Choose the option you like and you’re off and playing!

With real money play, you can take a chance at winning thousands or more in a single spin. In this mode, you’ll be redirected to one of our partnering casino websites. All websites have been quality-tested by independent auditing firms for fairness – after all, this is Fortune.Games and slots are games of chance; luck and karma should not be messed with.