The lucky number 8 can payoff in 88 Fortunes online slot

88 fortunes duo fu wa online slot game with big luck88 Fortunes is an attractive 5-reel slots game based on Chinese totems of luck and/or culture. The number 8 is very typically thought of as a lucky number in China in similar fashion to many Westerners’ tendency to consider 7 lucky, but helpful symbols of luck are just the beginning in the 88 Fortunes slot game: This slot’s also packing some interesting features and four jackpots.

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What are the Chinese lucky symbols in the game?

big bonuses in 88 fortunes from bally techThe symbol set in the 88 Fortunes slot includes lucky symbols such as a golden turtle (and why not consider the turtle lucky? It’s born with great protection from predators and lives quite a long life generally), coins and other culturally indicative items.

The low-paying icons are those traditional to Vegas slots: A, K, Q, J, 10, 9 and … that’s it. Seriously, how could the 8s go unincluded here?

One symbol to watch out for is the Fu Bat. (Disappoingly, the first syllable is pronounced closer to “Foo” than “Eff You.”) “Fu” translates more or less as – get this – “good fortune” and in the 88 Fortunes slot it certainly can bring the fortunes.

What is the Fu Bat symbol?

The Fu Bat symbol is wild and may also trigger the “Fu Bat Jackpot Feature.” Put into the game’s charming Chiniglish vernacular, this means that "When one or more Fu Bat appears (sic), the player may be awarded an available jackpot. The number of gold symbols played determines eligibility for jackpot wins. If the player is eligible for more than one jackpot, they (sic) will be taken to a separate screen where 12 coins will appear. Touching or clicking a coin will reveal the symbol of an available jackpot. When 3 matching symbols have been revealed, the corresponding jackpot will be awarded and the feature ends. Jackpot values are proportional to bet per spin (sic).”

Wait, what does “the number of gold symbols played” mean?

At the game’s very beginning, friendly text exhorts the player to “Play more gold symbols for better rewards.” This means merely that in 88 Fortunes, a “243 Ways to Win” slots game, the player may essentially choose from among five levels of betting, wagering on 8, 18, 38, 68 or 88 “paylines”, respectively.

Are there free spins in 88 Fortunes?

You bet your Yang Tze! The gong is the scatter; landing three or more of these wins 10 free spins – with all low-paying (i.e. those annoying poker-run) symbols eliminated from the reels. Nice.

How much can you wager in the 88 Fortunes slots game?

After choosing the betting level (or “gold symbols,” as the game would have it), you can bet between 1¢ and $1 per “payline.” You might want to have a calculator handy, though, because it’s damn tough to calculate based on a bet of, likesay, $1.76 or $26.40 per spin.

How generous is 88 Fortunes?

It’s a mixed bag. 88 Fortunes is a high-variance slot: The pays come les frequently, but big pays come more often. On the other hand, the huge jackpots balance things out to make for a payout percentage of 96% on the game itself. This is definitely a slot game for those who love the big jackpot!