Cosmic Fortune slot is an 80's style retro real money game

play the space slot game cosmic fortune no registrationWe’ll start by saying that the Cosmic Fortune slots game begins in more attention-grabbing fashion than any we can think of. Done up in 1980s arcade video game-style pixelated graphics replete with 8-bit soundtrack, this clip tells the backstory of an alien invasion of Earth by flying saucers and their subsequent retreat thanks to a floating man who becomes a giant fish who becomes a flying vehicle looking not totally unlike the Beatles’ yellow submarine of animated lore.

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Maybe. It gets confusing.  Especially at the clip’s conclusion, which depicts the ship morphing into a robot and then an alien. Or maybe it’s the other way around. In any case, who’s ready to play some Cosmic Fortune slots?

So what do you know about Cosmic Fortune?

Right, let’s talk about Cosmic Fortune the slot game. Cosmic Fortune is a 5-reel, 15-payline video slot.  No fewer than five different bonuses are available for the winning, as are the increasingly popular cascading reels. These features, after the whirlwind of an intro, seriously help maintain the player’s attention…

How does the Cosmic Fortune slot play out?

In terms of wagering, the player may bet between 2¢ to $5 per payline in the Cosmic Fortune slot, and all paylines are locked – thus eliminating the temptation to play contrarian and bet on , likesay, 13 paylines, and why would anyone do something like that, anyway? Don’t do that. Always bet max lines.

cosmic fortune slot game online by the developer netentThe “base game” is pretty standard 5-reel stuff. The symbol set is composed of our robot (alien? Helmeted human?) hero, various species of alien invaders (we swear to you, the rad one totally looks like a novelty ashtray) and high-tech technology. As stated above, the Cosmic Fortune slots game is a cascade-style game, meaning that winning combinations are removed from the reels after paying out, with news symbols falling into the vacated spaces and thus potentially creating further wins. Otherwise, the wild substitutes in winning combinations, etc....It’s when three or more scatters land that the weirdness – and the climbing of jackpot ladders – begin.

How do the bonus rounds in Cosmic Fortune work?

Okay, these get involved; if you’re into the “Free Falls” bonus round of Cosmic Fortune, however, you won’t be complaining about the coinage you’re set to rake in. In descending order of payout potential, these are the mega, major, midi, mini and rapid jackpots.

Three, four or five scatters will launch the “Free Falls” bonus round, a.k.a. a free spins bonus round, of 10, 15 or 20 spins/falls, respectively. During this free spins round, each winning combination is not only removed/replaced on the reels, but the player is rewarded a marble and collected at the top of the gameboard display.

After the “free falls” are completed (no re-triggering; sorry, folks), the player is switched from the Free Falls bonus round to the “Free Falls bonus Game.” Those virtual marbles collected during the free spins round are now sent tumbling down the reels, pachinko-style, to land (or not) in a cup displayed at the bottom of the screen – perhaps this is an homage to the little plastic bowls casinos once gave out to slots players to collect their winnings…

The more marbles collected in the cup, the larger of the five bonuses is won. And all of ‘em are worthy of winning, from hundred to hundreds of thousands of dollars could be in your player’s account tomorrow!