The ubiquitous fortune cookie pays off in Fortune Cookie slots

fortune cookie online slot game with free online playAll righty then, it’s time for another trip to Slot Machines Past courtesy of the game developer/creators at Microgaming. The Fortune Cookie slot harkens back to the mid-20th century with more than enough cherries, BARs and the like to warm the jaded slots player’s heart…Yes and no. Yes in the sense that Fortune Cookie is an old-fashioned 3-reel, single-payline slot machine game; additionally, aesthetically speaking, we could certainly get anyway with call Fortune Cookie a fruit machine as a paean to old school games.

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Is Fortune Cookie a fruit machine-style game?

 As such, the symbol set relies mostly on those classic slots game archetypes: Cherries, BARs and lucky 7s dominate. Purists would argue, however, that cherries hardly a classic fruit machine make. And since the Fortune Cookie symbol counts as a wild, the Fortune Cookie slot can claim more features than the golden oldies of slot machine land.

How much can be bet in the Fortune Cookie slot game?

Unlike the traditional format in most single-payline games, the Fortune Cookie slot has only two bet levels, rather than the more standard three. Hilariously, the game display includes buttons marked “BET ONE” and “BET MAX”. Total bets range from 50¢ to $200 per spin.

How are the Fortune Cookie slot’s payouts?

enjoy fortune cookies slot from developer microgamingLet’s discuss the cherries first. These do represent some of the lowest-paying symbols onin the Fortune Cookie slot, but these are the only symbol except the wild which pay out individually; for all other symbols, a win only happens when three are lined up on that center payline. The cherries win 2 or 4, 5 or 10 and 20/or 40 for landing one, two or three cherries, respectively.

In the Fortune Cookie slot, the three BAR symbols cannot be mixed-and-matched as in some classic-style slots. These are worth payouts of 10/20, 25/50 and 50/100 coins for three-of-a-kind single BARs, double BARs and triple BARs, respectively). The colorful lucky 7s are worth a nice 100 or 200 coins when lining up three on the ‘line.

Finally, the Fortune Cookie symbol is called a wild. The cookie substitutes for any other symbol in the game and therefore always pays out at least 2x the bet. If this symbol lands on the payline, the player is guaranteed a win. Why? Because unless the fortune cookie symbol lines up with two other like symbols (or one other wild and any other symbol), the game substitutes a cherry, *which always pays* for the wild.

Naturally, since the fortune cookie is the most rarely-seen symbol in the Fortune Cookie slot, the player is better off considering it merely a lowish-paying symbol most of the time. The key exception is of course, when three line up on the payline. That, folks, is what we call the jackpot: 800 or 1,600 coins is won by the lucky player who lands this three of a kind. This makes a potential jackpot payout of $160,000 on a non-progressive online jackpot slot game? Not bad.

Does the Fortune Cookie slot have any other features?

Unfortunately (get it?) not. The Fortune Cookie slot is ultimately too retro for 1990s-style pub slots, no no nudges, holds, trail features or even an autospin function are included in this slot.