Are these big slots wins because of Skill or just good Fortune?

win a fortune in slots through skill or luck in real money playThe order for content to put on this page came to me with the following description: “Discuss whether winning at slots is fortune or skill.” Right, then; let’s make this really easy: in the question of “fortune or skill” slots are 100% luck. All luck, absolutely and purely. For most slots players, this is as trite as any other logical tautology – of course in a game of chance, there’s no skill involved – yet judging by the number of scams, cons and promises floating around out there among the fake news and pyramid schemes, you have to figure untold numbers have no bloody clue about the nature of the games they’re playing…

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Is there anything I can do to increase my chances for winning at slots?

Betting max paylines will obviously increase your chances of winning on any given spin and allow for multiple wins on a really lucky go ‘round with, likesay, multiple wilds. On the other hand, don’t buy the line of B.S. from any website claiming that the odds are better if you only bet more – and only at such-and-such a casino, via which the website operator will earn a commission, what a coincidence, I’m so shocked, not.

What are the odds?

how can you pull off the big online slot winsTo be utterly honest, we simply don’t know. The progenitor of the slot machine was a sort of primitive video poker in which five decks of 52 cards were spun and a single card from each deck was selected to form a poker hand. Common belief holds that the earliest 5-reel machines had odds based on those of a standard poker hand, but much evidence to the contrary makes the thinker skeptical of these claims.

Even if poker hands were ever the basis for slot machine odds, such simple calculation of the odds has become outdated in the 21st-century venue of purely software-based machines. With extra-multiple– 100, 243, even 1,024 – paylines not at all uncommon and the exact odds tables not known, calculation of a win on a given machine becomes a near-Einsteinian task.

What is payout percentage?

The payout percentage is that bit of the business that the casino operator can control. If a casino owner wants to rack up a 7% profit on his slots games, the odds say he’d be best off setting his machines with a 93% payout percentage; this is what player and PR folk mean when boasting of “loose slots”: These machines (ostensibly) have a higher payout percentage.

Now please note that a payout percentage of, likesay, 90% does not mean you’ll win your money back on nine of 10 spins or that you have a 90% chance of winning on any spin. Instead, that 90% represents the amount in winnings that will be paid back to players, but expressed as a function of the machine’s intake (i.e. bets) *over the theoretical lifetime of the machine.* In a progressive slot, for example, a million-dollar win balances out *a lot* of individual losses, likesay, 10,000 rounds of players losing $100 a pop.

Payout percentage can be a useful tool for the player, particularly in deciding at which casino to deposit. Unfortunately, very fw provide thi information – and almost none readily. Check the information pages on a chosen game itself, and check any informational pages on slots games at the given online casino; a thorough hunt is often rewarded.