Fall under the slot spell of Fortune Spells game for real money

fortune spells real money online slot game and freeThe first reaction to seeing the name of the Fortune Spells slots game? Um … “Fortune spells what, exactly?” One look at the trippy combination of symbols collected herein, though, and we quickly surmised the spells are all about witches, warlocks and wizardry – even if this slot’s deriving stuff from all over several universes’ worth of magical tales. Oh, and if you’re going to give Fortune Spells a spin or three, you’ll want to get out any lucky totems good for summoning equines, because the white horse symbol herein is one of the single highest-paying symbols we’ve ever seen..

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What’s the story in the Fortune Spells slot, then?

Damned if we can figure it out. Probably the player should imagine that he/she has been transported to some sort of magical land – perhaps due to a curse – and the local beings must be counted on for assistance in leaving the realm. That’s what we’re running with anyway.

After all, how else to rectify a mishmash of symbols which include rascally gnomes; a dude who’s just got to be Gandalf the Friendly Wizard (if it weren’t for all those, you know, copyright issues and all); a comely maiden with modest yet impressive décolletage; and some insanely disproportionately huge magic mushrooms – Ah, it’s all starting to make sense now…

Does this mean I should take mushrooms before playing Fortune Spells?

play fortune spells online slot from developer egtWe would never endorse the use of illegal drugs or fungi in connection with playing online casino games. Speaking off the record, however, this enthusiast can tell you that, whoa, slots on hallucinogens are amazing. Just make sure you have a budget because money really begins to be worth nothing in the subjective sense when you’re really flying. And this is probably a good time to slip in a disclaimer:

The views expressed into this Fortune Spells slot review: The views expressed in this and all other pieces published at Fortune.Games are purely those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of Fortune.Games employees or its partners. Or, in all honesty, anyone over, likesay, 60% sane.

How do you play the Fortune Spells slot game?

Fortune Spells is pretty standard as far as slots gameplay is concerned. This 5-reel game has just 10 paylines, and the familiar clickety-clack of reels falling into place is the dominant sound effect.

If you want a ride, do you ride the white horse?

The Fortune Spells slot’s white horse symbol is an amazing combination of wild and scatter. This wild will make up winning combinations and will help make payouts in the “base game.” When three or more are landed, not only a big win results, but free spins are launched. The free spins round includes 10 free spins, and good ol’ horsey becomes an expanding wild within the free spins bonus rounds.

Is the Fortune Spells slots game worth playing?

Sure! The symbol set may be weird and the gameplay not so innovative, but the Fortune slot’s a nice presentation of traditional stuff seen in slot machine games, solidly delivered. A good no-nonsense slot game.