Enjoy real money play in Fortunes of Sparta online slot game

fortunes of sparta slot game online free play no depositReady, everyone? Repeat after us: This! Is! Spartaaaaaaaa! Well, hey, the Fortunes of Sparta slot *is* Sparta. We’re just throwing that in there gratuitously, even if we’re among the very few who will admit to still cracking up at stuff like this. (Plus, given the nearly unwatchable slate of films that director Zach F. Snyder has produced since 300, this one line may be the single highlight of the man’s career.) The reference ends up totally relevant, as the Spartan warrior seeking to cash in on late 2000s nostalgia cries out the exhortation as the game launches.

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Is the Fortunes of Sparta slot game all about war?

Lest you’ve forgotten, we’ll remind you that this is Sparta. So, yeah, the low-paying symbols are mostly weapons, armaments and various other killing tools. The high-paying symbols are warriors in various guise; in the end, what else was Spartan civilization known for? Additionally, in an apparent bid to add some sex appeal, some serious hot Wonder Woman-looking babe is included herein as well.

In Fortunes of Sparta, the low-payers are worth up to 100x the payline bet; landing five Wonder Women on a single payline is worth a nice 150x, and that burly badass himself – Spartacus, who’s probably the one calling out “This! Is! Sparta!” in the intro – wins 300x the payline bet for the lucky player who fills a payline with this dude.

How much can I wager in the Fortunes of Sparta slot?fortunes of sparta online slot game from blueprint gaming

Odd that a game whose paytable expresses wins as per payline bet would offer the paylines in pre-set bet amounts online. In other words, you’re playing all 25 paylines; said preset amounts that may be wagered in the Fortunes of Sparta slot are 25¢. 50¢. 75¢. $1.25, $2.50, $5, $10, $15 and $25, though some online casinos may allow higher upper limits.

Back to the game. What are these bonus symbols?

In the Fortunes of Sparta slots game, the symbol ostentatiously marked BONUS launches free spins when three or more land anywhere on the game board on a single spin; this is essentially a scatter in this respect except hat, since it appears stacked, the player stands to win anywhere from 8 to 100 (!) free spins, depending on the number of such symbols landed.              

The helmet marked with SPARTAN STREAK (minds out of the gutter, people) is a decidedly literally special symbol. This appears only in the middle reel and becomes an expanding wild when it hits. A free respin ensues and all winning symbols are held for another free respin. This process continues until no more winning symbols are added – and the player cashes in bigly like the president.

Why is the “This Is Sparta” thing so awesome?

The meme is well passé, but the battle cry is still hardcore badassery. Plus, you gotta love the way it’s followed up by kicking emissary dude down a bottomless pit. And Fortunes of Sparta may be the This Is Sparta of slots. Play it today – If you can see past the madness.