Enjoy Freaky Fortune HD slot game from developer World Match

freaky fortune hd free demo slot game onlineYou know, a great many bits of the 20th century should really be left behind in the past. Stuff like world wars, superheroes wearing underwear outside of tights, wanton display of excessive body hair and … carnivals. Now don’t get us wrong: We’re not talking about fantastic celebrations of frivolity such as Brazil’s Carnival: O carnaval do Rio é fantástico! Nor are we ragging on the popular diversion in small-town America (They still have carnivals in the midwest, northeast, south, etc., don’t they…?)


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These celebrations are fun and energizing, grand traditions to be carried on; the old-school carnivals touting shams disguised as grotesqueries for the gawking are a product of 19th-century sensationalism that barely limped alive to the end of the 20th, yet some folks just won’t let the stupid spectacle cease.

So, yep, here comes a slot game themed on a reprehensible carnival show: Freaky Fortune. Yeesh.

Tell us how you really feel, man.

Seriously, this is antiquated nonsense at best. Populating the reels are symbols based on the ubiquitous bearded lady, the “Lizard Man” and the “Mermaid.” Also included are clowns – yeah, like the quiet decommissioning of Ronald McDonald wasn’t explicit elimination of the clown fiure from contemporary culture, we don’t know what is – and a master of ceremonies.

freaky fortune hd slot game by world matchAnd so, with the inevitable whitewashing (so to speak) of history that inevitably comes with glorification for past idiocies such as this, the Freaky Fortune slot’s designers attempted to portray the hoo-ha as part of the standard “civilized” circus production. Involved in the mix are the – you guessed it – A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9 symbols. Now we’re hardly the sort to side with this yawn-inducing sextet, but if we were the poker-run symbols, we’d sue for exclusion from future editions of this game.

Is Freaky Fortunes a slot game at all?

Certainly. Why else would Freaky Fortunes be getting deconstructed like this?

So are you going to give us a Freaky Fortune slots review or what?

O, all right. Freaky Fortune is a 5-reel, 15-payline game; this slot’s pretty low-stakes, with possible bets ranging between 1¢ and $1 per payline per spin. One interesting twist is that the wild also serves to launch the bonus free spins round. After paying out as a substitute for winning combination on the 15 paylines (you did play all 15 paylines, right…?), three or more wilds will award the player 10 free spins.

Further, the free spins may lead into a video bonus round that’s way too good for this slots game and has little to do with carnivals or circuses at all. Aim your knife at any of six targets and attempt to avoid hitting the tied-down lass. (In actuality, that’s not how the trick works and … o, forget it.) Lots of coinage is to be won in this extra!

What’s the Freaky Fortunes slot’s jackpot?

On a single spin, the Freaky Fortunes slot pays a maximum of $7,500.

Where can I play the Freaky Fortunes slot g—

Don’t. Just don’t. Play any of our other great slots games hosted right here at Fortune.Games. Don’t waste your time with a slots game that is, at best, the useless product from a bit of the past that’s best forgotten.