No worry about real money play as there are free slots galore

free slot games on fortune slots for fun playAsk most slots players why they prefer playing the games online as opposed to playing at a “bricks-and-mortar” casino setting, and you’ll likely hear the usual descriptions of convenience: At an online casino, gone are the need to travel, the costly drinks and the search for a good slot machine.

All true, without a doubt. However, in our opinion, the primary reason for the superiority of the internet slot is today next to overlooked, completely taken for granted by folks now accustomed to playing games on the computer: Namely, that online slots can be played for free. The only way you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy free slots at a “bricks-and-mortar” casino is if you’re gifted casino cash by a friend or loved one, ‘cause no casino’s giving away free money.

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Is *every* online slot game available for free play?

slots free and real money at fortune gamesMore or less – though to be perfectly honest, issues with access may arise. If a given slots game is hosted by an online casino or software provider that is not doing business in your country of residence, you may be disallowed from playing said game even in free-play mode.  

And players should also note that most million-dollar progressive jackpots slot games cannot be played for free. Some of the low-paying progressive slots or those games with personal progressive jackpots may be found among free slots, however. This unspoken industry-wide practice makes a certain amount of sense, given that a sizeable fraction of the slots playing demographic play strictly progressive jackpot slots – and why would you play these in free-play…?

How can I play free Fortune slots?

Very easily! You can start right here at Fortune Games simply by browsing around our offerings. We’ve attempted to accurately reflect the popularity and availability of slots games in your country, so any slots game you choose should be good to go. This is true for Fortune Games’ “Free Slots” page as well as all others on the site.

After choosing something you like, clicking on the game title will open a popup window offering either free-play or real-money mode. Enjoying free slots is as easy as clicking the correct button! You’ll be able to play for as long as you like – or at least until the imaginary money runs out.

Does the imaginary money in free slots have limits?

Yes, but often these are incredibly high. The amount of play money you’re given to start with in free slots games is established by the given casino game software producer. Since one of the greatest things about free slots for those not of the 1% is simulating the thrill of wagering, likesay, $1,000 per spin, you may find yourself draining the bankroll relatively rapidly. Want to play again? Just refresh the page and you’re awarded thousands more!

Now why isn’t real life more like free slots…?