The wolves are howling with Full Moon Fortune slot game

real money a free play slot game full moon fortunesBreak out those clichés about howling at the moon, because we don’t feel like writing up any for the Full Moon Fortunes slot game. Join the intrepid antagonist Dr. Blackwood, who looks like a combination of Paul McGann’s version of the Doctor Who lead, the hero of the Switch In Time slots game and about 27,000 other 19th-century based male heroes, through everyday life and nightlife alike in where else by Victorian London.

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If you want to watch the intro story, feel free, but this will induce little more than feelings of déjà vu for the now seriously well-known tale of lycanthropy in which a dude who is attacked by some inhuman beast one night is forever cursed to become a wolfman – nay, a werewolf – when exposed to the light of the full moon.

How does Full Moon Fortunes play?

full moon fortunes online slot from ash gamingFull Moon Fortunes is a 5-reel, 20-payline slots game without progressive jackpot – but one intriguing bonus symbol. The higher-paying non-bonus symbols include ol’ Dr. Blackwood, werewolves, pawprints and silver bullets. (Yeah, we’re still trying to figure out whose side the player is actually supposed to be on in Full Moon Fortunes: The law, Dr. Blackwood or the werewolves…)

Joining these on the reels are the A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols. I guess we’re on Blackwood’s side, after all: Anybody who enjoys a good card game is okay in our book.

The real selling point of the Full Moon Fortunes slot is in the full mon, however. When this symbol appears in reel five, the Dr. Blackwood symbol becomes wild and carries a bonus multiplier. Which each full moon landed, the bonus multiplier increases, to a maximum of 5x – until the free spins bonus round.

So how do you get to the free spins bonus round in the Full Moon Fortunes slot?

For some reason, the Full Moon Fortunes slot’s scatter symbol is marked BONUS though it acts just like you’d expect a scatter would: Landing three or more of these on a single spin means entry into the Night of the Full Moon” free spins bonus round. First up is a “pick ‘em” video round in which the player gets a chance to supplement his/her meager winnings from hitting the scatters themselves. (Players win just one free spins, two spins at 2x or three spins at 3x on a scatter win.)

In the free spins bonus round, Dr. Blackwood is always wild, and his presence increases the bonus multiplier from 5x to 25x during the free spins. So, we suppose that though you’re playing on the side of Dr Blackwood and, likesay, ordered society in the “base game,” you just wanna go ballistic when that full moon hits you. We suppose that keeps well with the theme…

Any other thoughts?

Why are there so few female werewolves? We’ll tell ya why: Because the whole werewolf mythology is a metaphor for menstruation. I mean, right?