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leagues of fortune slot game for real money no downloadThat “Leagues” in “Leagues of Fortune” refers to a nautical measurement, e.g. “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” (And why hasn’t some casino game software creator made a $20,,000 Under the Sea or 20,000 Coins Under the Sea slot…? Seems like a natural to us.) Returning to the, ahem, subject matter at hand, then: The deep sea-themed Leagues of Fortune slot is cram-packed with features that longtime slots players and noobs alike will certainly dig on. Delve into the sea, trawl the seabed and uncover treasures aplenty – or at least free spins and coinage!

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What are the specifics of the Leagues of Fortune slot?

Leagues of Fortune is a 5-reel, “1024 Ways to Win” slot game. Wagers are determined in multiples of 40 as though you’re playing 40 paylines; between 40¢ and $200 may therefore be wagered on a given spin. For those uninitiated into the wonderful mysteries of the 1024 payline schema, this means all the player needs to do is land three identical symbols anywhere on the screen within a single spin to win a payout.

What are the symbols in Leagues of Fortune?

microgaming leagues of fortune online slot gameThe Leagues of Fortune slot’s symbols include a Captain Nemo lookalike (See? See, Microgaming folks?!?!? You should’ve called this slot “20,000 Coins Under the Sea.” Call us for priceless advice like this any time, guys), a map on which X marks the spot, a deep sea diver and the inevitable treasure chest. Also included are the A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols, because these scurvy dogs play lotsa cards t’ pass the time.

Does Leagues of Fortune have free spins?

You bet your crustacean! The aforementioned treasure chest icon is the scatter and landing three on a spin of Leagues of Fortune enters the player into the free spins bonus round, but before the actual spins aare rewarded, the player is treated to the game’s best visual display.

It wouldn’t be a seafaring-themed slot game if some colossal beasties weren’t involved, and in the Leagues of Fortune slots game, said beastie is a giant honkin’ squid. This squid manifests after the player hits three scatters – sort of a mixed message there – and smashes all the reels to oblivion, leaving only a randomly generated number between three and 35; this number represents the number of free spins won. On top of this, all free spins get a 5x bonus multiplier slapped on.

This in turn allows the opportunity for the single-largest payout possible in the League of Fortunes slot, a ridiculous 150,000 coins. Nice.

Now who’s up for some braving of the virtual seven seas?

Well, you should be! To get onboard the sailing ship of the Leagues of Fortune slots game, simply click on the game right here. You’ll be presented with options to play for free or real money. In free play, you can enjoy Leagues of Fortune and other great casino games from right here with no downloads or other interference with your PC or table device.

Playing for real money is also possible; simply click on the appropriate selection and we’ll redirect you to a quality-tested partnering casino website for great bonus offers and lots of fantastic games from Leagues of Fortune on down.