Luck of the Irish in playing Leprechaun's Fortune slot game

pot of gold end of the rainbow in leprechauns fortuneWe've come to the conclusion that the moral of the Leprechaun's Fortune slot game goes: While the leprechaun will surrender his treasure to you if you catch him, it's damn hard to catch him. That’s right: it’s time for another pursuit of the mythical wee Irish imps who taunt us mere mortals with promises of gold and riches – and sometimes delivering. On slot games at the online casino, anyway.

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What are the basics of the Leprechaun’s Fortune slot?

The symbol set may be an indication that the poor casino game software developers across the world are having to stretch the leprechaun motif to its limits. Alongside typical stuff like four-leafed clovers, the traditional pot of gold, the magic mushrooms that help you see the little green buggers in the first place, fiddles and rainbows are a pair of distinctly off-putting folks: These are the insanely happy leprechaun and the entirely androgynous fairie wearing little more than a come-hither look.

While the former may be slightly terrifying, at least he appears to belong in this game; the latter, meanwhile, resembles more a refugee from a slots game entitled “Frolicking Fairies” or something. Oh yeah, included in the symbol set are the A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols, which we love to mock for its insipid inclusion in games where they clearly don't belong. Like this one.

How do I bet in the Leprechaun’s Fortune slot?

free spins in leprechauns fortune slot by wmsLeprechaun’s Fortune is a 5-reel 50-payline slot on a 5x4 gameboard; nothing too bizarre there, but check out the betting: The meter below the game board notes that bets are *for 2 paylines*. IN other words, the minimum bet is just ½¢ per payline. Not only that, but you can make bets of every ½¢ increment thereafter up to $2.50 per payline per spin. (If you’ve ever wanted to wager, likesay, $1.68 per payline, Leprechaun’s fortune is the slots game for you!) Total bets for one spin therefore range from 25¢ to $125.

What are the special features in Leprechaun’s Fortune?

The Leprechaun’s Fortune slot has at least two bonus features worthy of note. The pot of gold icon is the scatter symbol. These only appear on reels 1 through 3, but the player lucky enough to hit scatters in all three of those reels is rewarded with 10 free spins.

In the free spins round, the insane leprechaun symbol becomes a sticky wild: Land any number of these on a free spins, and they’ll be there for the remainder of the freebies. Pretty scary it is when, likesay, nine of these are on the game board, but you won’t be frightening of the winnings. The problem here is that the wlds in Leprechaun’s Fortune only appear in reels 2 through 4, meaning you’re hoping the green-outfitted dude lands in reel 2 early and often for the best possible odds…