Various payment methods and information for online casinos

As it is with shopping at e-commerce sites, a number of payment methods may be available to the customer of Fortune slots  casino. However, into the late 10s, internet casinos and gambling continue to do business in a legal/economic grey area in many parts of the world. A combination of inconsistent law (as in the European Union) and prohibitionist (the US, many Asian nations), something as simple as transacting deposits is, for many players, trickier than it should be.

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Do Fortune casinos accept credit cards for payment?

All casinos accepting UK players should take any major credit card; that’s the easy bit. For everyone else, it’s not so simple.

In the European Union and its associated territories, using credit cards at any casino not licensed by the country of residence is strictly hit or miss. The EU maintains a blacklist of casinos at which it is illegal to transact business. Addition of new casinos to this list does happen, but thanks to the massive bureaucracy of the Union, years may pass for blacklisting after an original complaint is filed.

For U.S. players, Visa and Mastercard transactions will not be processed by most Fortune slot casinos due to the archaic prevailing law on internet gambling in the U.S.; this law explicitly bans transactions between any financial institutions and most gambling websites. Due to the fact that the majority of major Canada-based banks are majority-owned by U.S. business interests, Canadians not playing at the government-run casino(s) in their province may be in the same boat as the Americans.

A decent short-term solution for North Americans is in prepaid cards, though these will only work for depositing at the casino and not withdrawing those winnings (hey, let’s be optimistic here). Also, those purchasing prepaid cards for use at online casinos must be sure to check that the given card is a\valid abroad; this information should appear on the back on the card.

What about alternative payment methods for these online casinos?

As an alternative payment method, most online casinos will accept payment (and often deposit to) so-called “e-wallet accounts.” The most popular of these, PayPal, can be used to transact online casino business in just about every country except the U.S.

However, most casino websites accept several such e-wallet accounts beyond PayPal. The list of these methods is long and ever-changing, but among the more stable and popular brands typically seen at online casinos include Click And Buy, Skrill (formerly Moneybookers and also incorporates the now-defunct UKash), iDeal and Instadebit. Increasingly popular in Europe – and so at internet gambling sites

Do Fortune slot online casinos accept money transfers?

Believe it or not, this one still ranks relatively high in the list of payment methods in online casino transactions. This payment method involves transferring money direct from one’s bank or from a wire service such as Western Union. For pure security purposes, this is the foolproof choice, but 30 to 120 minutes may be required for processing.