The ancient empire offers real money wins in Persian Fortune

real money and free play persian fortune online slot gameFunny how Iran has been portrayed as a villain in American and European propaganda since the 1980s, yet slots games themed on Ancient Persia just keep proliferating. Another titled to add to the bunch of Persia-themed slots is Persian Fortune, a 5-reel slots game with some interesting bonuses and not too much about the general culture at all…To be honest, this slots game doesn’t seem to be about much at all. Symbols on the reels include a mishmash of items that can kinda sorta be associated with Ancient Persian culture. 

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What is the Persian Fortune slot about, then?

The symbol set includes items such as bejeweled rings, buildings of characteristic architecture, crossed scimitars, a vase and naturally a young female of appropriate pulchritude – better yet, boys, she’s from a more liberated age, so no burkas and such here. In fact, she’s even wild (so to speak).

Also included are the A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols because clearly poker and European card games should be referenced in a Persia-based game. After all, weren’t the Persians they who modified the game of chess to its modern incarnation? Wouldn’t this game be much cooler with chess pieces? Of course it would.

How do you play the Persian Fortune slot?

mega big wins in persian fortune slots from red tigerGet started by placing a bet between 1¢ and $25 per payline across the Persian Fortune slot’s 25 paylines.

The Persian Fortune slot is a cascade-style game, meaning that winning combinations are eliminated from the reels after paying out, and are replaced by other symbols. Persian Fortune includes the extra perk of a “Chain Reaction Bar,” which rewards larger and larger bonus multipliers on each cascading win, up to 8x.

Note, too, that the Persian Fortune slots game includes “mage symbols,” larege-sized icon filling a 2x2 or 3x3 space – these are particularly useful when showing up in wild or bonus symbol form…

Another wrinkle is added in the increasingly popular “framing” features. On every spin of the Persian Fortune slot, one symbol is “framed,” i.e. highlighted in a bluish color. If this symbol makes up a winning combination, it changes between one and three random symbols to wilds before its elimination from the reels. In other words, land a win with a framed icon within and the combinations on the cadcaded spin will include between two and four wilds guaranteed. Nice

A special symbol – the treasure chest (which we’re not entirely sure is in fact Persian of origin) spilling over with gold and marked BONUS – launches a pick 'em bonus round. Choose from among twelve cards, each of which hides a colored crystal. Finding three of any one color ends the round. The purple, blue and green gems pay 18x, 38x, 88x and 138x, respectively, while finding three reds wins the player a  ridiculous 888x wager jackpot.