I'm not lying when I say Pinocchio's Fortune slot is a blast

play for free pinocchios fortune slot It’s incredible how Walt Disney has utterly hijacked the conception of the Pinoccchio story in the collective consciousness. To this day, the image so many have in our heads of Pinocchio is based firmly in Walt Disney’s animated version of 1940. I mean, if the Pinocchio’s Fortune slot game didn’t have “Pinocchio” in the tile, it might not be recognizable. “Pinocchio” is included in the name, however, and thus this slots game can be appreciated as such – not to mention serving of an outstanding example of how to take back a well-known tale from a corporate entertainment factory.

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So how do the characters look in Pinocchio’s Fortune?

Well, the throwaway Blue Fairy character in the Pinocchio’s Fortune slot is a girl with black hair in bangs and sparkles flying in the air around her, as befits her status as a magical sprite who … grants marionettes with the rites of puberty or something…

pinocchios fortune free slot game from microgamingJiminy Cricket, the Tinker Bell of the Pinocchio story, herein is radically morphed from the Disney version, but well truer to the original Italian-language story. Unfortunately rendered more like an ant or a (perish the thought) termite, Jiminy Cricket is a more anatomically correct version of his namesake, albeit in pinkish-purple.

Pinocchio and Geppetto are familiar-looking enough as well. In fact, the Pinocchio’s Fortune slot’s riff on Geppetto is amazingly – almost dangerously – close to the ’40 version.

What are the other symbols in the Pinocchio’s Fortune slot?

The other symbols more or less fill out the tale (the original that is; no whales in this one) with the house, coins, schoolbooks with a bookstrap, some carving tools (excitement abounds), a billiard ball and a cigar smoked by those deviant boys who tempt Pinocchio (in a 21st-century version, this would probably be a blunt).

Does the Pinocchio’s Fortune slot have bonus features?

You bet your Collodi! The Pinocchio’s Fortune slot’s got lots of swell bonus rounds, with the inveitable nose-growing ultimately in play. Essentially, Pinocchio’s Fortune has two scatter symbols: The blue Fairy and ol’ puppet boy himself.

Three of the Blue Fairies landing anywhere on the screen in a single spin trigger the “Board Game Bonus,” a fantastic, trail-like video bonus round which awards prizes that’ll have you saying “Become a real boy? Screw that! I’m’a become a real *rich* boy!”

Three Pinocchio pseudo-scatter symbols launch the “Pinocchio Nose Bonus” feature. The Pinocchio Nose Bonus is a free spins bonus round which starts with 8 to 16 free spins. During the free spins, the player can accumulate up to 15 “picks”  (of the nose? Come on now!) in the subsequent “pick ‘em bonus round” which follows.

The “Puppet Bonus” feature is awarded via bonus symbols in reels 3, 4 and 5. At random, some of these symbols will carry a tiny Pinocchio symbol in the upper right-hand corner. Hit three of symbols so marked and enter a simple “pick ‘em” video bonus round. Choose one of two presents for coinage or respins.

Congratulations, Pinocchio! You’re finally a real slots game!