Shaolin Fortunes slot game captures the Buddha for free play

slot game shaolin fortunes for free demo play onlineIf you’re in North America or Europe and you’re playing a slots game called “Shaolin fortunes” which was produced by a game software company named Habañero, well, you must be at the online casino. The Shaolin Fortunes slots game is designed to teach slots players of the Buddhist way of kung fu, as so famously taught in Hunan province for centuries and immortalized in innumerable films from both hemispheres. Shaolin is a discipline requiring physical perfection and spiritual focus simultaneously, the ultimate harmony of body and soul in a combat exercise – an all presented here in the Shaolin Fortunes slot game.

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Nah, not really. It’s really just an excuse to assemble a bunch of traditional icons from China-themed slots in a “243 Ways to Win” slots game with some interesting features.

How much can I bet in the Shaolin Fortunes slot?

big wins with shaolin fortunes slot game from habaneroAs stated directly above, Shaolin Fortunes is a "243 Ways" game, but you'll pay for 25 paylines, unless you want to be wacky and play 3, 9, 27 or 81 ‘lines instead. Buddha only knows why you'd want to do that (I mean, if you want to play a 3-payline slots game, there’s lots of fantastic options out ther built around the, you know, 3-payline concept rather than “243 Ways”), but if so, you'll instead be wagering 1, 3, 7, or 15 coins respectively.

Bets can range from 1¢ to an insane $200 per payline, making for quite an overall spread of 3¢ to $5,000 per spin wagers available.

What are the symbols in the Shaolin Fortunes slot?

After the Shaolin fighter icon, the Shaolin fortunes slot’s symbol set is a grab bag of all things Chines: Chinese-language characters, crossed kitanas, the yin/yang symbol, the classic coins-with-hole-at-center, et cetera.

The bell symbol is the wild; sadly, this appears only in reels 2 and 4. On the plus side, the folks at Habañero added a neat twist to these wilds: If you hit the wild in reel 2, a 3x bonus multiplier is slapped on to all wins involving the wild. If in reel 4, the wild is good for a 5x bonus multiplier. And naturally, landing both anywhere within their reels simultaneously is worth a big 15x on any wins.

The bonus/scatter symbol is the Shaolin fighter: Score 10, 15 or 20 free spins when landing three or more anywhere on the reels on a single spin.

Is Shaolin Fortunes a progressive jackpot slot?

You bet your Gautama! In fact, this slots game pack in four progressive jackpots: In Shaolin Fortunes win the mini, midi, grand or major jackpots with no extra effort required on your part, as these jackpots are awarded randomly after every spin. In ascending order, these jackpots generally start at two, three, four and five figures, respectively.

What happens if I lose at Shaolin Fortunes?

Remember what the Buddhists know: Life is suffering. It may not help much, but hey, there’s something to be said for naked Eastern-style pragmatism.