Enjoy Wheel of Fortune Tour free to play online slot game

wheel of fortune slot game on tour with big money winsHas any TV gameshow influenced American culture like Wheel of Fortune? Even parrot-inducers (and slots game influences) such as The Price is Right and Jeopardy don’t hold a candle to that simple gameshow that made Pat Sajak and Vanna White household names way back when. And we can thank the ineffable popularity of Sajak’s show on the incredibly engaging slot Wheel of Fortune On Tour. Thematically based on a fictional live tour of the show, the Wheel of Fortune On Tour slot starts with a bizarre opening tune which starts off country and ends up as pure Lutheran jazz. 

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The Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot seems like a slot game designer’s excuse to excuse to mesh the Wheel of Fortune milieu with landmarks such as Mount Rushmore, the Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty, the Alamo, Route 66 ... you get the idea. Ah, the Wheel of Fortune TV gameshow: Uniting America through the shared appreciation of surprisingly oblique contestants embarrassing themselves.

How do you play Wheel of Fortune on Tour?

The basics of this slot game are, well, pretty basic. Wheel of Fortune on tour is a 5-reel 25-payling game filled with the above-mentioned symbols of Americana. Just like the gameshow, though, it’s all about the wheel.

So what kind of bonuses are in Wheel of Fortune on Tour?

In the Wheel of Fortune on Tour slots game, the features work in video game-style "unlocking" fashion. And, once the player has leveled up, he/she stays leveled up. The player's progress in levling up is displayed on the gas meter. Accumulating 10 bonus symbols – the tour bus icon helpfully marked BONUS – moves the player up to the next level bonus.

wheel of fortune on tour slot game from IGTThe level-up bonuses in the Wheel of Fortune On tour slot are all about supplementing the bonus round play; these are varied and plentiful and enticing. These rewards escalate through simple free spins; the “Expanded Top Award” bonus, which increases the player's chances at the 10,000-coin jackpot by threefold); the “Letter Board Picker,” an altogether separate video bonus round which will be detailed later; bonus multipliers; the “Spin to Win” bonus round extra; and finally to the “Bonus Trigger Boost” making big wins more likely.

What is the Bonus Wheel round?

In the Wheel of Fortune On Tour slot, the “Bonus Wheel” round is triggered by (naturally) three bus icons. The instructions for this bonus round are about as hilariously simple as is the show itself. Here's how it works (ready to take notes?): Push the button marked SPIN to spin the familiar prize wheel. When the wheel stops, the winning outcome is indicated by the pointer.

What else is important about the bonus symbol?

The bonus symbol is also of high importance thanks to the “Wheelmobile Wilds Feature.” In the Wheel of Fortune On Tour slot, if a bus symbol (I guess it’s called the Wheelmobile. Huh.) appears anywhere other than the first reel, it will randomly turn between 1 and 4 other symbols on the reels into wilds. Nice.

What is the Letter Board Bonus in Wheel of Fortune Tour?

The “Letter Board Bonus” is a “pick ‘em” video bonus round. The player chooses from among 14 letters which, uncoincidentally, spell out WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Each of these will reveal some total of coinage or a bonus multiplier.