Wish all you want for wins with Wishing You Fortune slot

real money play and wins with wishing you fortune slotIf you took one look at the name of the Wishing You Fortune slot game and suspected that Chinglish was spoken within, you are absolutely correct. The grammatically suspiciously titled Wishing You Fortune slot is indeed loaded with lucky symbols from the Chinese culture – but more importantly, some very interesting features indeed…Ah, come on. We have to go for the climactic finish immediately. Take it slow, mmmkay?

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Oh, all right. So, ah, how many paylines does Wishing You Fortune have?

Wishing You Fortune is a “1,024 Ways” slot game, meaning paylines per se aren’t in play. Simply hit any three like symbols anywhere on the screen and bam, you’ve got a winner.

How much can I bet in Wishing You Fortune?

The Wishing You Fortune slot collects in increments of 40¢ beginning at 40¢ and running all the way up to $50 per spin.

And, ah, what are the symbols in the Wishing You Fortune slot?

jackpots galore in wishing you fortune online slotJust two regular high-paying symbols are in play in Wishing You Fortune: a pair of cards and what appears to be, but can’t possibly be, a flowering bonsai tree, so go figure. After these are the standard ol’ A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9 symbols.

OK, so now can I ask?

Sure, go ahead.

What are the bonus features in the Wishing You Fortune slot?

Right. Wishing You Fortune is packed with features, mostly based on special symbols in the “base game” round. The golden dragon is wild, the delicious-looking woman is the “bonus” or scatter – seriously, guys, isn’t that a little backward? Here’s to thinking an angry snarling dragon is well more likely to make folks scatter than a comely lass, but whatevs.

Note that the golden symbol is backgrounded in five different colors: Listed in ascending order of value, these are red, pink, green, blue and yellow. Each of these also pays a bonus multiplier, which plays an even more vital role in bonus free spins.

The game logo happily marked WISHING YOU FORTUNE is called the “Fortune Reel Trigger.” Game instructions explain this in traditional Chinglish as “Trigger[ing] the Festival Wheel Bonus to win Festival Awards that scale with the bet!” Translating into English, land one game logo icon in reel 3 and a “wheel of fortune”-type bonus round will be launch. This wheel is incredibly simple, with just eight spaces on which to land. When the wheel has stopped spinning, coin payouts are based on the original bet.

Are there free spins in the Wishing You Fortune slot?

You bet your Mao Tse-Tung! In Wishing You Fortune, three of the hot-babe scatter symbols and you’re presented with five options as to how to collect the free spins. Choose from among a range of 25, 20, 15, 13, or 10 free spins – with a twist: You’ll choose which of the five colored dragon symbols is on the board, with the most valuable paying out the biggest bonus multipliers on wins. For example, while the lowest-paying yellow dragon pays out just a 2x, 3x or 5x bonus multiplier on wins, the red scores you bonus multipliers of 10x, 15x or *30x* on one, two or three appearing, respectively.

It’s quite a devious wrinkle from the software designers, as the choice of bonuses is no longer pragmatically figured as a simple equation of free spins times bonus multiplier. Instead, play it thusly: If you’re into the gambling and big wins, take the 10 free spins. If you want to play it conservatively and give yourself the best chance to rack up free coinage, go for the 20 freebies.

Wow, Wishing You Fortune sound like quite a great slot.

We’re just being honest: the Wishing You Fortune slot is quite an amazing game. Well worth the playing!